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How to find remote product manager jobs – 2023 update

Updated in 2023

Product managers might think it is difficult to work remotely because they are leading workflows and teams everyday. But, with COVID-19, companies discovered that remote work can be successful with all types of roles. So, aspiring remote PMs should not feel discouraged.

According to research done by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, 65% of workers are more productive when they are working from home than at the office. They cite fewer distractions and interruptions, less stress from no commute, minimal office politics, and a personalized, quiet environment as contributors.

So, if you want flexibility and a more productive environment, we outlined the steps to find remote product manager jobs.

1. Come out strong with an optimized resume and LinkedIn

Your resume and LinkedIn are a recruiter’s first introduction to you as a candidate. You need to make sure you spend time optimizing each one before you send in any applications. This is especially true if you are looking for remote roles where less oversight is given. You need to show that you will be motivated, passionate, and successful.

We have worked with thousands of people to adapt their resumes so they showcase their impact. We do this in a few ways. The first step is to make sure your statements explain why you did the tasks, rather than just telling the reader what you did. This is important because you want to tell the story of your work, explain the context, and highlight your successes. 

When talking about your accomplishments, make sure you quantify. Numbers help make your resume more easily scannable and more impressive at the same time. Ask yourself questions about the scale and results of the project. That way, you can show the recruiters and interviewers that your work had meaning. For example, you can talk about the percentage by which you improved processes, the number of scenarios you considered/handled, the revenue you drove, and similar results.


When you work on your LinkedIn, make sure that you are providing context and telling the complete story. Luckily, you are not constrained by space like you are on your resume. So, you can go into more depth on your projects as a way to optimize your LinkedIn.

Some product managers also create a portfolio to showcase the work you do beyond your job or classes. These are important to recruiters and hiring managers. They show you are passionate about this work and it differentiates you from classmates or candidates with similar projects.

2. Use remote and product manager specific job boards

If your goal is to find a remote product manager job, then you should start your job search with remote job boards and ones that are specific to PM roles. 

If you are the sole product manager on your team or if you don’t mind reviewing and whiteboarding over video, checking out the jobs at We Work Remotely is a good place to start. They are the largest community online for remote jobs with over 2,500,000 monthly visitors.

A fairly new job board, Product Hired is working to create the largest professional job and career site for product management. Currently, they have over 56,000 openings in 70 countries. You can also filter their job board for only remote product manager positions and review their 80+ options.

Photo of remote product manager jobs

The world’s largest product community, Mind the Product started in London and has now grown to include over 150,000 members. They have Slack communities, articles, and general resources for product people. You can filter their job board for remote roles only. When you spend more time on positions that fit your goals, you can find a job more quickly.

Focused on remote roles at startups, is an especially helpful job board because it only shows openings that were recently posted. This is important because when a job is new, it means you can get in early and hopefully be one of the first candidates. They have 190 remote product jobs as of July 2021 that you can check out.

As the name suggests, No Desk is a job board for people looking for roles that allow them to work from anywhere (but maybe these people have a desk at home, too). They have 111 open product roles for you to review at a variety of companies, from startups to large organizations like InVision.

If you are looking for a remote job at a female-friendly organization, the job board at Remote Woman would be a good place for you to start. These are curated specifically by the community so that you know you are applying to trusted companies. They have a specific job board for product roles that can help you save time in your search.

3. Don’t rely solely on the online application portal

A lot of job-seekers think that sending their application into the company’s online portal is the end of the line. But, that is not the case! Recruiters hardly look at those applications because they receive so many of them. We always recommend that candidates go beyond this step by sending compelling and concise cold emails. This is especially true for job-seekers looking for remote roles. It shows that they are motivated, hardworking, and passionate about the company. 

In order to do this, you need to do a little LinkedIn research. After you find a position that you are interested in, look for technical recruiters or product management leads at that company. Your goal is to find someone who has a connection to you, like you are both alumni from the same school or you grew up in the same city. Use this similarity in your email subject line so that the cold email feels a little warmer. For more information on how to find email addresses for recruiters and hiring managers, check out our guide.

In the body of your email, briefly explain who you are, how you are connected, why you are interested in working at the company, and how you can provide impact and help the company accomplish their goals. These emails should be compelling and concise – you do not want to bore your reader. Imagine you are on the receiving end of this email – what would make you want to help? End your email with a clear call-to-action that gives 2 time-frames for a quick 15-minute chat to learn more. Take a look at our guide to help you write compelling cold emails for an email template you can adapt.

With these tips and templates, you should be able to find remote product manager jobs and move forward in the process with confidence. If you are looking for a mentor to work with you 1-on-1 on each step of your job search, join Pathrise.

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