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How can a university-based coding bootcamp boost your chances of getting a job in tech?

We’re excited to include guest posts on our blog from interesting people and companies in the industry. This post was written by Artur Meyster, CTO of Career Karma – a marketplace that matches people to coding bootcamps and other job training programs.

Coding bootcamps are everywhere—people increasingly realize the value of these programs in this booming tech economy. Over the past few years, Trilogy Education Services and dozens of top-tier universities collaborated to create their own coding bootcamps. These programs, in addition to increasing access to coding bootcamp for thousands of people, are helping to standardize Trilogy’s tested and proven coding bootcamp model. Most of these programs last between 12 and 24 weeks, covering subjects like web development, data analytics, data science, and UX/UI design.

But, what makes university-based coding bootcamps different and why would you consider one instead of a traditional university program? In this article, we’ll go over university coding bootcamps in more detail and explain why attending a university-based coding bootcamp dramatically increases your chances of landing a fulfilling and lucrative job in tech. 

Coding bootcamps

If you don’t know much about coding bootcamps, there are some key things you need to know. Coding bootcamps are a new arrival to the education scene, and they differ from typical career and technical programs in several ways. Coding bootcamps are typically shorter in duration than other programs and far more intensive. Students often start as complete beginners and graduate with advanced coding skills in several languages. 

Coding bootcamps came about as a response to the massive skill shortages in the tech industry. Tech is one of America’s fastest-growing fields and it needs developers faster than universities can churn them out through their traditional computer science degree programs. In fact, these days you don’t need a computer science degree for the vast majority of the best tech jobs. Competent bootcamp grads can do the job just as effectively as anyone else, which is why coding bootcamps are one of the best ways to train aspiring tech workers for most positions.

What makes university-based coding bootcamps different?

1. Standards

Coding bootcamps are newcomers, and there isn’t much standardization across the board. This is where Trilogy university coding bootcamps stand out. Trilogy developed a standardized program with immense care, and their system works—to see what we’re talking about, just check out the reviews on Course Report, such as the University of Arizona’s. They found a system that works and applied it across the board.

2. University certificates

Universities have a reputation for producing professional and prepared graduates. When you’re looking for a job, it’ll help to have a coding certificate from a university. For some companies that are still skeptical of coding bootcamps, the university logo can make a huge difference. While it’s difficult to back this up with numbers, it seems self-evident—university names mean something in the workforce today and coupled with the coding skills you receive at university bootcamps, you can increase your chances of getting a job.

How do coding bootcamp increase your chances of landing a great job?

Coding bootcamps teach you the skills you need to qualify for an entry-level job in tech. There was once a time when it was relatively straightforward to learn popular coding languages on your own. And many people still do—but it’s a lot more difficult today. There are dozens of coding languages in use today, and many differ widely from each other in use and complexity. Plus, most people learn better when they’re surrounded by peers and educators with the same goal. Coding bootcamp students and staff can keep each other motivated throughout the process, which many students directly credit with their success in the industry.

So, why should someone do university coding bootcamps instead of a different program? The answer is simple – all you have to do is look at reviews. The vast majority of Trilogy Education Services-affiliated university coding bootcamps follow the same curriculum, which is time-tested and proven, as dozens of positive reviews will attest. Trilogy designed their program based on excellent research and adapted it across the board—which means you know what you’re getting at a university coding bootcamp. 

When it comes to the job search, university coding bootcamps offer a myriad of benefits. First and foremost, Trilogy-backed university coding bootcamp students receive free career counseling services from the experts, allowing them to get started on the right foot. Additionally, these coding bootcamps offer students with real-world portfolio building opportunities, many of which are challenging and unique from other bootcamps.

The bottom line

University coding bootcamps are standardized with an excellent education model that’s proven to help people land a job in tech. Skills you learn in these programs equip you to do the work, and the portfolio you build during class serves as an example to your prospective employers. Not all coding bootcamps offer the same level of education, and some don’t give you an opportunity to build a portfolio either. Additionally, university coding bootcamp certificates carry the name of the university at which they’re hosted. This can increase your odds of being hired, as university-approval adds legitimacy to the program in the eyes of many people. Students who attend university coding bootcamps find great opportunities out in the workforce, and a great number of them go on to leave positive reviews detailing their success.

So, while there’s no guarantee you’ll land a tech job right after graduating, there are few better ways to increase your chances than attending a university coding bootcamp. So, if you want to work in tech, and you don’t want to go to college for it, you can still build the career of your dreams with the help of these programs.

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