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Coding bootcamps in Atlanta to jumpstart your software engineering career

Hi, I’m Brian, a former senior software engineer and now industry mentor at Pathrise. I have helped hundreds of software engineers land their dream jobs in tech. Check out this list of coding bootcamps in Atlanta to help you find the right one for you.

An up-and-coming tech hub, Atlanta is home to startup accelerators, VC conferences, and Fortune 500 companies. With a growing number of tech companies and startups, including Microsoft and Mailchimp, more and more aspiring software engineers are heading to Atlanta. Once there, they are enrolling in coding bootcamps and jumpstarting their tech careers. 

There are quite a few Atlanta-based bootcamps to choose from, which can make finding the right one overwhelming. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of coding bootcamps in Atlanta. Use this to find the program that best matches your career objectives and launch your software engineering career.

Coding bootcamps in Atlanta

1. General Assembly

A tech bootcamp with in-person courses in many cities, including Atlanta, General Assembly offers a 12-week software engineering immersive program. Classes meet Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm or 9am-5pm. First, students learn web development fundamentals such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then, they go into advanced topics in front end and back end development, including object-oriented programming. Finally, they practice using tools such as Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, and SQL.

In the second half of the program, students learn different frameworks and stacks by building interactive applications, which form the basis of their portfolios. They spend the last weeks of the bootcamp meeting 1-on-1 with career coaches to discuss resume optimization, portfolio building, interview prep, and more. Read more about General Assembly in our review.

Photo of coding bootcamps in Atlanta

2. Thinkful 

Similarly, Thinkful is a tech bootcamp with full-time and part-time software engineering programs in Atlanta. The full-time courses meet for 50-60 hours per week and takes 5 months to complete. However, people who enroll in the part-time program set their own schedules and meet for 20-30 hours per week.

Working alongside mentors, instructors, and teaching assistants, students study the basics of web development (HTML/CSS & JavaScript). Then, they cover computer science fundamentals, including data structures and algorithms. In addition, they learn server-side programming with NodeJS, and front end development with React. After getting the ins and outs of development down, students build interactive web applications, which they can add to their portfolios. Plus, students meet 1-on-1 with career coaches at various stages throughout the program in order to discuss resumes, portfolios, interview prep, and other aspects of the job search. 

3. Nucamp

If you are looking for a web development or software engineering bootcamp with in-person and online components, consider Nucamp. The bootcamp offers 2 in-person programs in Atlanta: front end web & mobile development (17 weeks) and full stack web & mobile development (22 weeks). The front end track is a project-based program that teaches people how to use in-demand tools, including React, React Native, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Git & GitHub.

The full stack program covers the same material as the front end track, but it also includes important tools and concepts in server-side development. Students practice using NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and other storage tools. However, students in both programs work through 6-14 hours of online self-paced work per week, including recorded lectures and exercises. They meet in-person on Saturday from 9am-1pm to discuss assignments with their instructor. Nucamp grads can take the bootcamp’s 6-week career development course free of charge. The course covers the nuts and bolts of resume and LinkedIn optimization, as well as interview prep.

4. Tech Talent South

With campuses in Atlanta, Phoenix, and cities across the South, Tech Talent South is a good bootcamp option for people looking to kickstart their careers. Their code immersion program has 2 tracks: Java and Ruby. Those who enroll in the 8-week immersion program study object-oriented programming, APIs, HTML/CSS, in-demand frameworks, bootstrap, domain models, Git/GitHub, JavaScript, and Ruby Gems. Students participate in live lectures (not recorded), hands-on projects, pair programming sessions, and 1-on-1’s with their instructor. Besides attending meetups, company tours, and other networking opportunities, students receive feedback on their resume and Linkedin profiles.

Tech Talent South grads have access to an exclusive job board as well. Those who graduate from the immersion program are encouraged to further their skills by taking advanced courses in Ruby on Rails or iOS app development, which are also offered by Tech Talent South. 

5. The Software Guild

Aspiring software engineers who are interested in learning the fundamentals of .NET/C# or Java can consider The Software Guild. The bootcamp offers a part-time, 24-week program at the University of Georgia’s Gwinnett campus in Atlanta. The NET/C# track, which focuses on Microsoft products and tools, covers Microsoft Visual Studio, C# syntax, NUnit framework, LINQ, and System.IO, as well as tiered application design, model binding, stored procedures, ADO.NET, and HTML helpers.

Those who enroll in the Java track learn about NetBeans, lambda expressions, tiered application design, as well as relevant JavaScript frameworks, syntax, and collections. The curriculum includes live lectures (not recorded), hands-on projects, homework assignments, and 1-on-1 check-ins with the instructor. Students work on projects over the weekend and spend the evenings reading and completing assignments. During and after the program, students have 1-on-1 sessions with career coaches, who offer guidance on resumes, interview prep, and networking. 

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