Photo of 5 Austin companies that are hiring for product managers right now and how to get the job

5 Austin companies that are hiring for product manager jobs right now and how to get the job

Are you looking for product manager jobs and feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like every application you send into an online portal just disappears in a black hole and you never hear anything back? You’re not alone!

We want to make it a little easier on you. We’ve compiled a list of 5 great Austin-based companies that are hiring right now for product manager jobs. We have also created guides to getting hired at these places as well as 200+ other tech companies throughout the country. So, use them to see their values, mission, interview processes, interview questions, and more.

Most of the product manager interviews at these companies follow a similar structure:

  1. Phone screen with recruiter
  2. Technical challenge or interview
  3. Onsite interview (mix of technical and behavioral)

We’ve given you some information on how you can prepare for both the technical and behavioral interviews at each of the companies.

1. Apple

Apple has a lot of product manager positions open on a variety of teams, like software and service, hardware, and marketing. Depending on your background, experience, and interests, you should be able to find an interesting role for you amongst the 227 open PM positions at the Apple Austin office.

When applying for positions at Apple, keep in mind their culture and values. They are a very important aspect of their hiring process. You can learn more about this by checking out their About Apple page. They are known for being fairly secretive. So, as much information as you can gain before going in, the better off you will be in the interview. The average compensation for a product manager at Apple is between $165k and $195k. This is very competitive compared to other tech companies.

Photo of Apple ethnicity distribution


You can learn more about the company demographics and practice technical questions that they have asked in the past on our how to get a job at Apple guide

2. Cisco

For product managers looking for positions in Austin, Cisco is a good option. In fact, they have a fair amount of openings on both the engineering and sales teams. The company has seen some reorganizations. This has resulted in layoffs in the past, but they are working to maintain a strong company culture. They also have a good university recruiting program, which can be helpful for seniors who are graduating soon.

You should definitely be ready to talk about your commitment to their values and mission. You can see on the Cisco Our People Deal manifesto. The majority of their employees (70%) work on technology teams. So, product managers should keep an eye out for opportunities and make sure to practice for the technical questions that will likely be asked.

3. Dell

Dell is known for their strong culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion. As an older company, working at Dell gives entry level or new grad product managers opportunities to find mentorship and career advancement from people around them who have been in the industry longer.

They offer some information on their application and interview processes on their How We Hire page. They hire most frequently for technology positions and sales/BD. Both of these are teams that product managers can find positions on. You can learn more on our how to get a job at Dell guide. It also includes technical questions you can use to prepare for your interviews

4. Amazon

There are 210 open product manager jobs at the Austin Amazon office. Again, these are on a variety of teams ranging from software development, systems, business development, fulfillment, and non-technical teams.

In 2015, The New York Times wrote an article about their intense and somewhat bruising culture. But, since then Amazon has been working on this. You should check out their Culture page to learn more about their values, which they call Leadership Principles. There is a strong emphasis on how you display these values in the behavioral interviews. Utilize our product manager technical questions so that you can wow them in the technical interviews as well.

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5. AMD

AMD has won awards for their commitment to equality including Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality in 2019, Bloomberg Gender Equality Index in 2019, and America’s Most Just Companies in 2018.

When you are interviewing for positions at AMD, check out their website because they have a lot of interesting information, including a timeline of their innovations so that you can be knowledgeable when you talk to them. The majority of positions they hire for are in technology, so there is a good opportunity for career growth and learning. Review the product manager interview processes on our guide to getting hired at AMD.

With these tips in your back pocket, you should be more than prepared for your interviews with these, and more, tech companies.

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