Photo of 32 UX/UI designer interview questions from top tech companies

32 UX/UI designer interview questions from real tech companies

Hi, I’m Elle! I work as a product designer at Getaround and as an industry mentor here at Pathrise, where I help our fellows land great jobs in product design through technical workshops and 1-on-1s. Check out this list of UX/UI designer interview questions.

Congrats, you’ve made it to the onsite interview! This is probably the last step before you land your dream job and it is definitely a big one. So, you need to make sure you nail the onsite and turn that interview into an offer.

We created a list of 32 UX/UI designer interview questions from top tech companies so you can prepare for your onsite and ace it with confidence.

  1. Accenture question Is UX design the same as UI design? If not, what are the differences?
  2. question If the metrics show an increment in the clicks but not in the conversion, do you think that the change is successful or not? Why?  
  3. Microsoft question Can you expect the end user to finnick with their settings to accommodate your design?  
  4. Dell questionHow do you validate your solutions with users?  
  5. Google question What is the difference between information architecture and user experience?  
  6. Accenture question If you are tasked to perform a UX evaluation of a product, what would your process look like to accomplish this? Can you tell me about a project you did this for and what the outcome of the evaluation was?
  7. Adobe question How would you solve a design problem without a computer?  
  8. Facebook question Tell me about a time when collaboration wasn’t working well on a team.  
  9. SAP question Where do your skills lie on a triangle with UX design, user testing, and front end development as the 3 vertices?  
  10. Amazon question How would you improve user experience on a section of the website?  
  11. Cisco question Describe a time when you negotiated your way to the ideal UX solution.
  12. HP question What’s your problem solving process when overlapping delays occurs in the product and software portion of the product timeline?
  13. Apple question How do you handle situations when a dev doesn’t create the product the way you designed it?  
  14. Amazon question Give me an example of a time when you anticipated a product enhancement on your own volition. How did it come to be and how did you validate your intuition?  

More UX/UI designer interview questions

  1. Google questionIf you had to design a digital clock that had only two buttons and could only display numerical characters, how would you design it? What other capabilities would you add?  
  2. IBM question When would you use qualitative vs. quantitative data?   
  3. question What type of process do you use in conducting user research?
  4. OfferUp question What suggestions do you have to keep users engaged?  
  5. Amazon question Design a new search for the library.  
  6. Peloton question Explain how you deliver your work to an engineer.
  7. Zenefits questionSketch a redesign of your favorite app.  
  8. Groupon question – What are your opinions of LESS (CSS Framework)?
  9. Autodesk question – Please describe a closure in Javascript.  
  10. Katerra question – How do you deal with ambiguity?  
  11. Procure Technologies question How would you approach shipping out this project in half the time allotted?  
  12. SAS Institute question You are working on a product team and another team member provides you with a design idea. The idea solves a short term problem but creates a longer term problem that is much more difficult to deal with. How do you respond?  
  13. LinkedIn question How would you design a 1000 story building so that people can efficiently get out of the building during rush hours?  
  14. Rakuten question What do you think will be the next web/app design trend?  
  15. VMWare questionWhat’s the difference between radio buttons and drop lists?  
  16. Microsoft question How would you redesign the Starbucks app to push more people to use an order feature? 
  17. Red Ventures questionRe-design a Nike shoe page keeping in mind UX and UI.
  18. SAP question – Name the 5 principles of UX.  

Interview tips

Our mentors meet with so many smart UX/UI designers who still find that they have difficulty with their onsite technical interviews. So, we also wanted to provide some tips for you to keep in mind to nail your onsite interview.

Photo of UX/UI interview designer questions
Always start with clarifying questions

Sometimes, interviewers make a question intentionally vague. Always take about 15-30 seconds to think about clarifying questions, like “Can I wireframe this out first?” or “What tools are at the team’s disposal for this task?”

Proactively show positive signal

Take the time to show that you know what you’re doing by providing 30 second tidbits of knowledge and background information as you work. This is a strong tactic used by candidates who want to reduce the number of silences in the session.

Keep context in the forefront

Context statements give you the chance to provide the reasoning before you act, so you can change how you are interpreted by the interviewer for the better.

Know how to get help

Most of the time, it’s ok to ask for help from the interviewer, but it’s important to know that some interviewers really hate the word “hint.” A better approach is to say, “my assumptions are X and Y, I’m thinking of doing Z. But I’m struggling with solving [problem].” You can also ask collaborative questions like,

  • I was wondering if you had any thoughts.
  • Do you think I’m going down the right direction?
  • Do you think my assumptions are incorrect?

With these UX/UI designer interview questions & tips in your back pocket, you should be more than prepared for your next technical UX/UI onsite interview. That way, you can accomplish your goals and become a UX designer.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. With these tips and guidance, we’ve seen our fellows’ interview scores double.

If you want to work with any of our mentors 1-on-1 to get help with your UX/UI design interviews or with any other aspect of the job search, become a Pathrise fellow.

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